Top 5 the most clever Hollywood stars

As we know from the biographies of Hollywood celebrities having university diploma is not necessary for their occupation.

The level of intelligence is usually estimated by IQ index. It is believed that the average value of this indicator fluctuates in the range from 90 to 110, such IQ has about half of all people on the planet.

Jodie Foster is considered as one of the brightest stars. Despite the early start of acting career, this actress has managed to resist the temptations of Hollywood. Her IQ, by the way, is 132 points, which is significantly higher than the norm.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has the coefficient 135 points. He was born in a small Austrian village and became an actor, director and politician. At the same time, Arnold was able to reach the heights in all these professions. With an excellent physical shape and acting skills, Schwarzenegger has shown remarkable talent and business.

"Escape Plan" Premiere - Comic-Con International 2013

140-point intelligence distinguishes another veteran of Hollywood – Harrison Ford.

Morning Glory - UK Film Premiere - Outside Arrivals

The young actress Natalie Portman won worldwide fame thanks to the continuation of a series of “Star Wars” movies, as her colleague Harrison Ford 20 years ago. Her IQ is 150 units.


IQ of Sharon Stone has an unprecedented value of 154 points, which is a sign of genius.